"Love yourself enough to walk away from what no longer serves you"

As a life coach & strategist. I strive to make the time with my clients impactful.  Teach them how to elevate their lives to higher standards. I will ask extremely powerful questions and some that might seem very uncomfortable.  I listen without judgment and help them find their authentic selves.  I get my clients thinking and moving forward.  We are all here for a reason.  A purpose.  Fulfilling that purpose gives meaning & honor to our lives.  Usually that means getting outside your comfort zone; that is where real growth happens.  What gets you excited to jump out of bed every morning? How do you show up for your life? Attitude, appearance, style & health.  Are you living your best life? Removing obstacles from your path. Honoring the past but moving towards the amazing future that is in front of you.


As a personal fitness trainer, first and foremost I live my life by example. I eat clean and honor my body and workout regularly.  I believe in strength of body, mind and character.  Pushing yourself to be the best you can be on all levels.  Women especially need to take their health seriously. We are the ultimate caregiver. If you don't take care of yourself, you will not have much to give to others. Take care of yourself first. Not in a selfish way. But in a way that you are always at the top of your game and show up ready and prepared.  We come in all shapes and sizes. Being comfortable with your body and having a positive image is so important. It is also important for our children to see us have a high level of self love. This is especially important for those of us that have daughters. Society bombards us all with unrealistic goals. You have to work with what God gave you. You are perfect and can only improve upon that.


As a holistic wellness advocate. I believe in working with the body to achieve natural beauty and extremely good health and the best quality of life.  Get back to the basics in every way. Working with the body that God gave us. Our bodies have an innate sense of healing itself.  Being proactive is key. Starting at a young age and educating our younger generations on the importance of  making the best choices will have lasting effects. Food is our medicine. Having tests ran early on in life can help you build a blueprint to designing the type of plan that will work best for you. Starting with what foods work best in your body. Optimum nutrition.  What is the best way to take care of our skin? How your digestive system works. Finding any genetic factors that you need to be aware of. Knowledge is power.



Live more, Give More,  Experience life authentically!!!!


‚Äč- Tracey Martin Designer, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach / Inspirational Speaker




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"When you know better, you do better".

                                                                                 - Maya Angelou

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