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Tracey Martin Designer, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach / Inspirational Speaker


When you first meet Tracey, you know that your life will be enduringly touched. "My intention is to teach people to love who they are and realize that they have a passion and purpose waiting to be discovered".


Set in an intimate conversational-based forum, Tracey guides attendees through a unique sharing process by presenting powerfully provocative questions, eliciting thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams. “I invite others to be open to new possibilities. To look at their lives through their "knowing",

be willing to own their greatness, and to honor one another.”


Tracey's goal is to leave the people she engages with in

a better place than when she first met them and her

engagements will empower and inspire openness to the

possibilities waiting for you.


What gets you excited?

How do you show up for your life?


“I want to be a representation of an idea or possibility; to meet you right where you are and be a part of excelling you to where you are meant to be, so you can begin living your best life, on purpose.”


Relevant topics. Real conversation. Evoking the best in you.


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Evocative.  Relevant.  Real.

 Threads of Evolution


"I want to be a representation of an idea or possibility."