"Evolution is the destination"


The symbolism that I use in our inauguration collection is the rug. Something that is walked on, beaten to get clean and thrown around. However, we take it and make it into a beautiful desired bag that carries your most important worldly possessions. The place in my life that I was at my lowest has now become the inspiration for this beautiful line of artisan handbags and so much more!


The rugs start out in India as scraps of cotton and remnant fabrics. From there they are woven for us to our specifications into certain size rugs. Then custom dyed to my color palette for that collection. After they are finished in India, they are on their way to LA to be made into beautiful bags. My hope is that you will find one that you love and that is a reminder of where you came from and where you are going.  Threads of Evolution's mission is to empower and inspire every woman to embrace where they are in their life and know that they are beautiful. To live their best life possible! Be comfortable in your own glowing skin, no matter  where you are in your journey.


Your personal style is empowering!!



 For more information on the Threads of Evolution line of handbags contact:  info@threadsofevolution.com or click here